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Backlot cars and aging units
Backlot cars and aging units

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Welcome to Lasell Auto Group

At Lasell Auto Group, we specialize in providing dealership with leads and backlot inventory solutions to our valued partners. With our service-based approach, we help you acquire and sell inventory efficiently, maximizing your business potential. Join our partnership network today and experience the Lasell Auto Group advantage.

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Discover the range of services we provide to help you with dealership instant offer leads and release backlot and aging inventory. From inventory management to dealer partnerships, we have you covered.

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Find out why Lasell Auto is the preferred choice for dealership leads and backlot inventory solutions. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure success for our clients.

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This is something you can count on with Lasell Auto Group, we have spent decades in dealership operations and understand the pain points that simply can be easily remediated. The Lasell Auto Group specializes in dealership demand generation leads and backlot inventory. With our expertise and service-based solutions, we assist in acquiring and selling inventory through our extensive partnership network.

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